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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chicago Psych Fest 3

Hey Groovers -

We're coming right up on the most eagerly anticipated events in the Chicago psychedelic underground - Chicago Psych Fest.

This year, the festival will be held over the January 20 & 21 weekend. As  per usual the event will be held at the Hideout (1354 W. Wabansia - Chicago 60642) and will feature the following lineup:

Friday January 20 - 7pm

Killer Moon
Velcro Lewis Group
Bil Vermette

Saturday January 21 - 7pm

The Red Plastic Buddha
Rabble Rabble
Plastic Crimewave Sound
Dark Fog

each evening will also feature DJ sets by the wonderful Psychedalex  and Sir Eric Colin!

Advance tickets can be purchased (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) by going here:

From personal experience, Chicago Psych Fest has traditionally been a gathering of the tribe, and the artists, musicians, film makers and general and sundry freaks of the Windy City make this a 'must attend' event. The January show marks our first participation as a band and we'll be showcasing several new numbers as part of our set. The Red Plastic Buddha goes on first on Saturday night, so don't be late!

PS: Hand screened original posters by Dark Fog's Matthew Ginsberg will be available for purchase at the event.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

what's taking so long?

It seems like a million years ago that recording the new CD began. Actually it was November 2009. A very confident Red Plastic Buddha took up residence at Joyride Studios on a warmish November day, and I remember sitting in the control room as engineer Brian Leach and his assistant Chris Powley got Dav's kit miked. There were issues with the use of a second floor tom and getting the tones just right.

Dav and Matt sat with Pam in the recording room and I could hear Pam laughing as Dav held forth on the difference between a 'gourmet' and a 'gourmand', all the while wolfing Doritos by the handful. Matt was trying to interject and keep Dav from spilling snacks all over the floor, but he wasn't doing a good enough job of either. Todd was pacing between rooms, talking on his cell.

'Here we go again' I thought. I felt like a man about to jump off a cliff into the darkness. And I was.

The ensuing months have seen a lot of changes for The Red Plastic Buddha. Early on we learned that Todd was about to become a father and would be leaving the group. His contributions were sandwiched in between work, school and his internship as a counselor. Somewhere in the process Matt finally decided that he was leaving the band as well. Too many bands, too much responsibility, and a loss of belief in the path led to the big life decision.

But as I watched my crew being swallowed up and lost to the changes of life, I was also watching the flower of this recording come to life. There just wasn't time to feel bad about what we were losing. We were gaining something amazing.

On weeknights and weekends, as schedules and time would allow, (the truly amazing) Brian Leach and I recorded, laughed, invented, experimented and juggled ideas, sounds and musicians as the recording took on a momentum of its own. One of us would start a sentence, and the other would finish it. There were so many 'eureka' moments, I came to expect miracles around every corner (and I was rarely disappointed or left waiting long). Nearly every experiment we tried worked. Every guest musician we brought in - Chris Tiritilli (sitar), Mary Weingartner (violin, viola) or the lovely Jennifer Williams (backing vocals) - came in at the top of their game and contributed their own unique and amazing gifts. And then, as if from nowhere at all, All Out Revolution was complete. Glorious and amazing, standing like a new ship pointed toward the stars and beckoning to her crew ...

Months of details have followed. Starting a new record label simply added an exponential number of 'to do' projects to the album check list. Graphic design, legal & licensing issues, photography, marketing projects, writing and promotional groundwork have blurred into a giant wave I ride like a cork, never really sure exactly where I am in the process. Occasionally I catch site of the land or the stars and note progress or adjust course.

 But now, new crew members Eric Ahlgren (keyboards and vocals) and Carter O'Brien (lead guitar) stand ready at their posts, confident, capable and ready. And as the final details softly but surely slip into place I can at last look forward and say ...

here we go again.